Scheduled Maintenance and Compliance

Water leaks and pipe defects are responsible for damage to infrastructure, risk to the public and are a waste of money for the asset owner. Using the latest acoustic detection equipment, camera equipment and our 25 years experience we specialise in detecting leaks in infrastructure assets like industrial estates, container storage areas, warehousing areas, housing estates, schools, parks, council water grid assets, large scale water supply systems.

  • Trunk and branch water main leak detection with specialised equipment.
  • Camera inspection of sewer and stormwater.
  • Commercial & Industrial water leak detection specialists including large facility audits.
  • High pressure sewer jetting service for all size pipes.
  • Sewer and stormwater defect location and repairs including local council connections.
  • Pipe locating audits on sewer and stormwater pipework using cameras and electronic sonar equipment.
  • Programmed Scheduled Maintenance.
  • Water Compliance Audits & Certificates
  • Backflow Testing and new device installation.
  • TMV Testing.
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